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Bond trustee

Efficient and diligent administration of bond issuances and safeguarding of bondholder interests

Scandinavian Trustee is a professional trustee being appointed by bond issuers to represent the interests of bondholders and monitor that the terms and conditions of the bond issue are met. We act as a mediator between the issuer and the bondholders, and
our role is critical in ensuring that the bond issue is a success, in particular in distressed

We offer bond trustee services to a diverse range of issuers, including industrial companies, public sector entities, financial institutions, funds, infrastructure and real estate ventures, and other corporate industries.

We efficiently handle amendments and waivers either through our discretionary power or by adhering to bondholders’ decisions, and offer cutting edge technology platforms to streamline negotiations, amendments, waivers and bondholder meetings. We also assist with selecting and coordinating paying agents for the bond issuance, if relevant.

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