Escrow and custodian services

We serve as a reliable intermediary in transactions where parties require an independent third party to hold assets or documents during an interim period.

We offer a range of escrow and custodian services to facilitate secure asset holding and document safekeeping between the involved parties.

Escrow account agent
As an escrow account agent, we hold various assets, including financial instruments, source code, and more. These assets are safeguarded until the completion of the transaction, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Our role involves managing documents, assisting with administrating bank or securities accounts, and monitoring and releasing the assets upon transaction completion.

Escrow source code
In addition, we offer specialized solutions for keeping source codes in escrow and safe deposit. Through our standardized agreements, we provide a secure and convenient way to deposit source codes at Scandinavian Trustee as an independent third party.

This helps protect the intellectual property rights of software developers and ensures a smooth transfer of codes when needed. For further information about our escrow and custodian services, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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